What We Do

Train the Trainer

Yanalangami seeks to further empower Changemaker Graduates to be leaders that inspire ripples of change in their home communities. To achieve this, we are developing a Yanalangami Train the Trainer program which will build upon women’s leadership skills, providing the frameworks, tools and resources necessary to lead Yanalangami: Strong Women, Strong Communities programs in the Communities where they live, work and belong. To make a lasting impact throughout Australia, we know that change needs to be led by Communities themselves.

Train-the-Trainer in early 2024

The Train-the-Trainer program is currently being developed and we intend to run the pilot program by early 2024. This will be a unique opportunity for Indigenous women Changemakers to step up in their leadership roles and walk alongside girls and women in their communities to further empower and strengthen their Communities.


This new stream of the Yanalangami program will further enhance our impact around Australia. The Train the Trainer program will increase Indigenous women’s workforce participation and leadership by providing unique opportunities for women to learn facilitator skills and find employment as regional facilitators, and/or as professional managers and leaders in local community-driven industries.

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