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As the Wiyi Yani U Thangani (women’s voices) report showed, Indigenous women face immense barriers to workplace participation, physical safety and leadership which are further impacted by the intersection of racism, sexism and poor health outcomes.

Did you know…
Indigenous women are less likely to be employed.

51.5% employment

51.5 per cent workforce participation compared with 59.2 percent of non-Indigenous women.

23% part time

23 per cent part time employment compared with 14 per cent of Indigenous men (AHRC, p48).

Indigenous Women’s Voices

Indigenous women are less likely to be employed: 51.5 per cent workforce participation compared with 59.2 percent of non-Indigenous women. They are also more likely to be in part-time employment: 23 per cent compared with 14 per cent of Indigenous men (AHRC, p48). Addressing these inequities requires an investment in programs like Yanalangami that overcome deficit-discourses by focusing on Indigenous women’s strengths-based approaches, supporting their full participation, confidence and leadership.

A significant barrier to Indigenous women’s participation and progression into senior leadership and decision-making roles is the lack of investment in their inherent leadership skills on the ground. Many women lack the confidence or resources to pursue further professional or career progression, even though they are highly capable of doing so. Indigenous women’s confidence and participation is further exacerbated by the structural and systemic barriers that reinforce violence and deficient discourses towards them, thus preventing their equitable participation and leadership.

Our consultation with Indigenous female changemakers across Australia reinforces the importance of strength-based frameworks that connect women together to support their personal and professional journeys to leadership roles, through self-governing frameworks. The Yanalangami program directly addresses intersections of oppression experienced by Indigenous women through rigorous program development, that is created, led and delivered by Indigenous women. Centering Indigenous women as the knowledge holders and leaders of the programs that they undertake is non-negotiable for Yanalangami.

Dismantling Structural and Systemic Barriers

Our team will deliver strategic research and evaluation of the short and medium term outcomes achieved through Indigenous women-led programs, like Yanalangami, that directly contribute towards women’s enhanced confidence, leadership skills, networks and career trajectory.

Our aim is to use this women-led research to provide insight into practical and timely solutions to increase Indigenous women’s representation in employment and leadership. We are working with partners to ensure the process and deliverables are grounded in self-determination principles, community-control and relevant to the women we walk with. The focus of this research will be to equip communities, governments and businesses with relevant information that will influence more inclusive and culturally appropriate practices, and re-affirm the importance of Indigenous community control and grassroots leadership solutions.

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