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Co-Design Community Workshops

In 2022 the Yanalangami program has grown in momentum and energy. With vital funding support for our online program in 2022 and 2023 by the John T Reid Charitable Trusts, our Changemaker community has continued to thrive. In 2022 we enrolled 16 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female Changemakers into the program with 15 successful completions.

Throughout 2022 Yanalangami reached a new milestone, transforming the online program into a series of in-person leadership workshops and healing-focused sessions. Importantly, in-person workshops enable a deeper investment in women’s grassroots networks, connections, healing and transformational leadership within their communities. In March 2022 we ran a NSW program connecting deadly women from across the state. Similarly, in September our team ran a co-design program with the Lutruwita community. Yanalangami Lutruwita (Tasmania) was made possible with financial support from the Tasmanian Community Foundation and program partnership with Walantanalinany Palingina in Nipaluna (Hobart).

Read more about the program here

Federal Government Investment in our leadership

Thanks to a significant investment by the Australian Prime Minister and Cabinet, Yanalangami will extend its reach, with two co-design community programs each year. Stay connected to see the journey.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities with our team, email us at [email protected]

Our partnership values

Our Yanalangami values guide our program’s expansion and provide a meaningful foundation to grow sustainable partnerships with organisations and communities. A range of partnership values have evolved alongside our program, highlighting the importance of a continuous improvement approach. For our team, finding the right partner is just as important as developing the perfect program and therefore, we see the following values as shared commitments when co-designing community workshops:

Vulnerability – honesty and openness to our learnings, our failures and our feelings; a commitment to honouring each other’s truth and respecting their wholebeing.
Respect – for Culture, Country, Community, protocol and process.
Active listening – to ourselves and our triggers, and importantly, to others and their individual journeys.
Love over judgement – seeing and treating others with love and being critical of unintended judgement or ingrained bias.
Safe space – setting group norms and honoring safety for all involved; confidentiality for what is shared in the circle.
Humility – knowing we always have more to learn than we do to teach.
Sustainability – for Community, for Country and for ourselves; working with the intention to inspire, cultivate and thrive in the short, medium and long term.

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