Growing Stronger communities

In 2022 the Yanalangami program has grown in momentum and energy. With vital funding support for our online program in 2022 and 2023 by the John T Reid Charitable Trusts, our Changemaker community has continued to thrive. In 2022 we enrolled 16 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female Changemakers into the program with 15 successful completions.

Throughout 2022 Yanalangami reached a new milestone, transforming the online program into a series of in-person leadership workshops and healing-focused sessions. Importantly, in-person workshops enable a deeper investment in women’s grassroots networks, connections, healing and transformational leadership within their communities. In March 2022 we ran a NSW program connecting deadly women from across the state. Similarly, in September our team ran a co-design program with the Lutruwita community. Yanalangami Lutruwita (Tasmania) was made possible with financial support from the Tasmanian Community Foundation and program partnership with Walantanalinany Palingina in Nipaluna (Hobart).

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Federal Government Investment in our leadership

In 2022 Tranby received a significant financial investment in the future and growth of our Yanalangami: Strong Women, Strong Communities Program. Under the Prime Minster and Cabinet’s Women’s Leadership and Development Program, Yanalangami has secured 3 years of funding to scale our life-changing leadership programs. This funding will be used across five major areas:

1. Continued Yanalangami Online Program Delivery
2. Co-delivery of regional in-person Community-based workshops
3. Development and delivery of a Yanalangami Train-the-trainer program
4. Investment in a National Yanalangami Changemaker Network
5. Professional program Evalution & published research on First Nations women’s leadership, including; overcoming structural and systemic barriers in the workplace, increasing girls and women’s safety and First Nations’ women-led insights to strengthen current responses to epidemic levels of violence in the home, community and broader society
6. Yanalangami Careers Expo to grow Indigenous women’s workforce participation

Community Co-delivery

The future of Yanalangami is both online and on the ground in Community. After the success of 2 regional programs in 2022, in 2023 we are expanding our grassroots delivery, investing in more regional in-person co-designed programs. This expansion will also extend to our online program, with more spaces provided for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to walk with us on their leadership journeys.

We are currently working with existing and emerging community partners to facilitate two in-person regional workshops in 2023. To ensure the co-delivery success and consistency of the Yanalangami Changemaker values, our team is working to develop a flexible delivery framework that supports the co-creation process with specific a communities and community groups.

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Cultural Governance

Tha Aboriginal Advisory Council (AAC) is a central pillar of cultural governance embedded within the Yanalangami program. We invite specific Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women onto our Program AAC each year. This ensures our Yanalangami team is guided by, and responsive to, a level of Community governance that is culturally meaningful.

Our AAC plays a vital role in the program and ensures we meet our obligations of empowering community decision making. Additionally, our AAC members play a critical role in sharing their knowledge, stories and skills with our Changemakers throughout the guest speaking sessions. This model enables our Yanalangami Changemakers to connect with and learn from deadly Changemakers in the field, providing them with inspiration and new pathways. Afterall, if you can see it, you can be it!

Our Changemakers

Yanalangami emphasises that we as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women must first begin walking our own journey, to bring others along on the journey with us. As First Nations women, we have for thousands of years, been strong together, moving forward together as a community of resilience. But to be strong as a collective, we must first honour ourselves with love and respect. To mentor other women and walk together in strength, we first must individually experience walking that journey alone – to learn and honour our individual power.

We are immensely proud of each and every one of our Changemakers that are walking this journey of leadership for themselves. Thank you for trusting our team and, most importantly, thank you for trusting yourself along this journey.

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